Rent to Own Metal Buildings

Metal buildings—whether they’re steel barns, one-to-three-car carports, or enormous, durable covers for agricultural equipment, they’re a viable solution to any problem an individual might have when it comes to keeping their valuables safe and protected. Still, sometimes, the outright price of a durable, long-lasting metal building isn’t possible to pay up-front.

At Infinity Carports, we’re more than proud to offer our customers the most affordable options for the highest quality steel buildings—that’s something we consider to be integral to our customer service (something we value immensely). Still, we understand that not every individual, business, or family is in the position to purchase the metal building they’ve been dreaming of outright. Why? Because often, cash on hand for something super necessary like a metal building (which could change your business, your life, and the way you store things!) isn’t always there when you need it. That’s why at Infinity Carports, we’re so proud to offer easy financing plans for paying off your metal building at your own rate. We’ve created a flexible rent to own program for our metal buildings to make it easier than ever for you to invest in your metal building set up as soon as possible!

Why Renting to Own Isn’t Just a Good Option, But a Great One!

Our rent to own option for your ideal metal building isn’t just a good idea, it’s a great one! Why? Because it takes the stress out of immediate purchasing. If you’re not in a position to outright buy your dream metal building, we never think that should hold you back. That’s why at Infinity Carports, we’ve created a streamlined, easy rent to own program that’s guaranteed to make your life simpler!

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The Rent to Own Process—What You Can Expect

The rent to own process is seamless—in other words, you can expect the application for the rent to own payment option to be quick, easy, and affordable. At Infinity Carports, we’re proud to ensure a positive customer experience for every person who works with us, and that means guaranteeing a quick, affordable, and direct plan for your payment options!

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How exactly do we do that with our rent to own program? Here are just a few of the benefits that our rent to own program can offer you!


No Credit check

We’re proud to offer you a program that’s so simple, you don’t even need a credit check for purchases up to $15,000. Infinity Carports rent to own program is all about simplicity and speed that means we’re not going to ding your credit or make you wait around—we just care about getting you the metal building of your dreams!


Instant approval

Hey, we don’t believe in making you wait around, so why would we take forever to approve your payment plan? We guarantee that we can approve your application in a flash—in fact, we can approve it immediately. Apply today to see what we mean!


month-to-month contract

We map out an easy, direct, and totally transparent contract for you (no hidden fees or fine print included) that allows you the chance to pay a monthly rate as part of this program. Nothing confusing about this plan!


Pay off anytiime

We think this is the best part! You’re not stuck in a monthly contract if you’re able to pay off your balance. You can choose to pay off your metal building anytime within a 60-month period of purchasing—that means you can pay monthly as planned, or you can opt to pay your balance in full without dealing with any early pay penalties whatsoever.

Why Should You Consider Rent to Own?

If you’re ready right now to start constructing the metal building of your dreams but aren’t able to pay in full for that ideal setup, that shouldn’t stop you! At Infinity Carports, we wholeheartedly believe in helping people find the metal buildings that will solve their problems, make their lives easier, and help them thrive—that’s why we created our rent to own payment program. No matter who you are or why you’re looking at a metal building, we can guarantee that our rent to own program will work for you!

Rent to Own Your Own Metal Building Today!

Are you ready to learn more about the rent to own program at Infinity Carports? If you’re excited about the chance to begin investing in your metal building—for agricultural, recreational, commercial, or residential purposes), then reach out to us today on (844) 324-1423! You’re welcome to apply for instant approval at any point in the purchasing process!

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Keep Your Metal Building Financial Planning Stable

Break away from the status quo & buy your dream metal building today with easy and actionable rent to own programs.

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