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Financing Metal Buildings

Our financing program is easy as can be—and because we’ve partnered with GreenSky to offer financing for all metal buildings within their approved credit, it’s directly through us! Our financing program is all about providing you with the convenience of receiving your metal building while paying at your own pace. We offer speedy approval, flexible payment options, and of course, an easy and direct plan that won’t include any hidden fees, rates, or costs. With us, you can count on a transparent, seamless financing process that’s going to leave you satisfied, but also, will get you the metal building of your dreams a quickly as possible!

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Rent to Own Metal Buildings

Our other payment option for our metal building financing includes our rent to own metal building program. Infinity Carports rent to own option includes instant approval (apply today to see what we mean!), doesn’t require a credit check (for up to $15,000), and offers you easy-to-follow month-to-month plans to ensure an affordable, on-time payment schedule. The best part? You are more than welcome to pay off your metal building in full at any time throughout the agreed-upon payment plan period—all without the fear of early payment penalties. Like our financing plans, we’re all about transparency, directness, and your satisfaction—that means we’re going to do everything in our power to ensure you’re getting the metal building you want, all while providing you with an experience that makes you smile.

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