RV Garages: Room for Your RV and More!

Not only are RVs many Americans’ way of traveling, seeing their beautiful country, and making memories with their loved ones, but they are also expensive and require a lot of care to keep in excellent condition. Like any investment, the reward an RV can give is bountiful, but it demands attention for that reward to be realized.

With metal RV garages, sheltering your investment from the elements and keeping it in tiptop shape has never been easier! It is no wonder, then, that such versatile, durable structures are gaining popularity in the United States.

For more information about these incredible buildings, simply read on!

Metal Boat Garages: Protect Your Boat Investment!

Boats are an expression of freedom. From speeding over untouched waters to relaxing in the sun as you wait for the fish to bite, your boat facilitates many of the moments you will recall when reflecting on happy times.

Boats also tend to be expensive investments. They can be pricey to purchase and require routine maintenance, not to mention repairs when needed. Having a safe place to store your boat away from the elements, perform routine maintenance, and do repairs is invaluable!

It is no wonder, then, that metal boat garages are gaining such popularity in the United States. They are customizable, durable, and incredibly versatile. To learn about these and other benefits of steel boat garages, read on!

Motorhome Garages: A Safe and Secure Enclosure!

Motorhomes are so much more than a means of transportation—they are a way to see the great country we call home, make memories with our loved ones, and otherwise enjoy this life and the freedom we have. They are an investment not only in comfort and style but in experience.

They also happen to be pretty expensive and require quite a bit of upkeep to remain in peak condition. Having a motorhome garage that can protect your investment from the elements, facilitate easier maintenance, and even act as a repair shop is vital.

It is not surprising, then, that motorhome garages are rapidly rising in popularity across the United States. Read on to discover the tremendous benefits of the buildings and how they can work perfectly for you!

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Roofing Styles of Metal RV Garages

Infinity Carports offer three types of roof styles, each with distinct advantages. Which style you choose will be largely dependent on your specific needs and your geographic location.

Regular Roof Garages



Regular Roof Garages

Regular roofs are best suited for areas that have mild weather. If you live somewhere with lots of sunshine and very little wind or snowfall, this design is probably for you. Regular roofs feature horizontal roof panels with rounded corners that increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of manufacturing and installation, saving you money!

Vertical Roof Garages


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Vertical Roof Garages

For those living in areas that do face strong winds, gratuitous rains, or heavy snowfall, a vertical roof design is likely the best option. This style of roof replaces the horizontal roof panels with vertical ones, dramatically increasing strength and improving weight-bearing capacity. The vertical nature of the roof panels also aids in limiting the amount of snow accumulation that can occur!

A-Frame Horizontal Garages



A-Frame Horizontal Garages

A-frame horizontal roofs also feature horizontal roof panels but add extra framing and bracing to strengthen your building. If you need a little added strength due to the weather in your area (or perhaps your own peace-of-mind), paying a bit more for an A-frame horizontal roof may be worth it!

Why Choose a Steel RV Garage?

The benefits of steel RV garages are many. In fact, we’d argue that there is not a better, more cost-effective way to protect your memory-making investment than an RV garage. However, if you still need convincing, check out the following points.

There are inevitable costs and timelines associated with building anything, especially a building. RV garages cut down on both of those inevitabilities by being pre-engineered. In other words, you’ll pay less and wait less for a high-quality, versatile metal building than you would for a traditional structure!

Once your metal RV garage is installed, your RV will have year-round protection. High winds, snow, hurricanes, fire, pests, mold, mildew, vandalism, and theft are just a few examples of potential dangers from which an RV garage can protect your valuable investment.

All of that protection comes with little to no maintenance, too, making metal RV garages the most convenient way to protect and store your vehicle, all while being designed with flexibility in mind. You, the customer, have complete customization control over your RV garages, from the size and roof style to the color of the exterior and thickness of the framing!

Speaking of customization, you aren’t limited to storing your RV in your RV garage. You can actually use it for any application you can dream up. From a personal workshop to a home gym, the uses for your metal RV garage are limited only by your imagination!

Things to Consider Before Getting a Metal RV Garage

Despite the convenience and versatility that make metal RV garages the best option for your property, there are certain factors to consider before getting one.

Your location will actually play a significant role not only in the installation of your new RV garage but also in the design. The type and severity of weather your area receive is one of the major contributors to these design necessities, so be sure to consider both before committing to your metal RV garage.

It is also vital that you have a site selected and prepared before getting your RV garage. Will the site you have selected accommodate the size of your new steel RV garage? Is the area leveled? Are there other challenges associated with the selected site that could negatively impact construction?

Some areas, for example, require certifications that will change elements of your building and potentially increase the cost. These local rules and regulations must be followed, or your new RV garage will have to be removed until certification is received!

RV Garage Building Kits

If you are someone who loves to do your own projects and enjoys saving a bit of money, ordering a metal RV garage kit from Infinity Carports is for you! These kits come with everything you need to construct your own building in one convenient package.

Order Your Steel RV Garage Today!

Infinity Carports is the best manufacturer of metal RV garages in the United States thanks to its high-quality craftsmanship and stellar customer service. If you want more information about RV garages or are ready to receive a quote and order your dream metal building, feel free to call today on (844) 324-1423!

Boat Garages

Decide on Everything for Your Boat Garage

Everyone has unique preferences and needs, and Infinity Carports meet all of them by offering a myriad of customizable options. In fact, you can tailor your boat garage to your exact specifications by handpicking nearly every element of the building.

You can choose the roof style, size, number and type of doors, windows, paneling, anchors, and everything in between. In other words, the boat garage you end up with will be the exact one you want and need!

Why Use Steel for Boat Storage?

Tradition wooden structures have been a staple in the building industry for as long as people have been constructing shelters. They have inherent weaknesses, though, that steel buildings do not share. If you’re looking for the best boat storage solution, steel is the way to go!

Steel boat garages are prefabricated, making their assembly exceptionally quick. This predesigned, prefabricated nature also makes steel boat garages more affordable than their wooden counterparts.

This ease of construction and affordability does not have a negative impact on durability, either. In fact, steel boat garages are more durable than other options on the market. They are resistant to pests and insects, such as termites. They also do not rot, mold, or crack. Steel buildings are non-combustible, making them resistant to fire and inexpensive to insure, too, making them a fantastic cost-effective option for protecting your boat investment.

Of course, steel boat garages are incredibly high strength, especially when considered in relation to their weight. Steel is by far one of the strongest, most durable construction materials on the market, all while being environmentally friendly thanks to its ability to be recycled!

Boat Garage Prices

Infinity Carports is dedicated to working with you to get you the best boat garage possible within your budget. As such, starting prices are low and rise only as you customize your building. Size, customization options, and your location can all affect price, so be sure to talk to one of our experts about your exact circumstances and needs!

Infinity Carports also offer financing options to ensure you can afford your dream boat garage today, including a rent-to-own and financing program!

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As the best manufacturer of metal buildings in the United States, Infinity Carports provides the highest quality boat garages at exceptional price points. Our customer service is also second-to-none. If you’re looking for more information about metal boat garages or are ready to receive a quote and purchase your dream boat garage today, feel free to call our experts today on (844) 324-1423!

Motor Garages

Planning Your Metal Motorhome Garage

Motorhomes differ from regular vehicles in a number of ways, but the most obvious is their size. As such, metal motorhome garages require larger dimensions, so you have to plan ahead to ensure you have enough space on your property to build one!

Beyond the basics of size, you can plan your motorhome garage to be exactly what you want it to be thanks to the complete customization offered by Infinity Carports. You can choose from three different roof styles, change the thickness of your building’s frame and sheet metal to increase strength, implement roll-up or walk-in doors, add walls, choose your color, and more!

Do You Plan on Using Your Motorhome Garage for Other Purposes?

One of the many benefits of metal motorhome garages is the impressive versatility they offer. While they are fantastic for protecting your motorhome from the elements and other outside threats, they are equally equipped to function as a space for nearly any application you can dream up!

If you need a home office, want to build a personalized home gym, or need an area to house your state-of-the-art workshop, a metal motorhome garage is for you. In fact, the uses of these amazing buildings are limited only by your needs and imagination!

What About the Price of Your Motorhome Garage?

There is no doubt that metal motorhome garages are affordable and offer a huge bang-for-your-buck. Infinity Carports’ prides itself on providing high-quality metal buildings at price points that anyone can afford. As such, a low starting price is standard and increases as you customize your motorhome garages.

The size of your building, the type and number of entrances, the roof style, and other customizable options will influence the price. So, too, will your location. Some areas also require certifications that can increase the price.

If you are looking to save a bit of money and like to tackle projects on your own, purchasing a kit is a great alternative. Infinity Carports will send you everything you need to construct your building yourself, and you’ll save money by performing the installation!

Don’t Expose Your Investment to Nature’s Wrath! Order a Motorhome Garage!

At the end of the day, your motorhome is an expensive investment. It needs to be protected to retain its functionality and value. A metal motorhome garage is simply the best, most cost-effective way to accomplish this!

Infinity Carports is the best manufacturer of metal buildings in the United States and is happy to help you with your purchase decision. If you want more information on how to select your dream motorhome garage or are ready to order, call our experts today on (844) 324-1423!

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