Motorhome Garages: A Safe and Secure Enclosure!

Motorhomes are so much more than a means of transportation—they are a way to see the great country we call home, make memories with our loved ones, and otherwise enjoy this life and the freedom we have. They are an investment not only in comfort and style but in experience.

They also happen to be pretty expensive and require quite a bit of upkeep to remain in peak condition. Having a motorhome garage that can protect your investment from the elements, facilitate easier maintenance, and even act as a repair shop is vital.

It is not surprising, then, that motorhome garages are rapidly rising in popularity across the United States. Read on to discover the tremendous benefits of the buildings and how they can work perfectly for you!

Steel Motorhome Garage Roof Styles

The style of roof you choose for your metal motorhome garage will influence more than just its aesthetics. Each roof style has a different price point and different benefits over the others.

regular roof garage
Regular Roof Garages (Good)

Regular roofs feature horizontal roof panels with rounded corners that help reduce cost by increasing the efficiency of the manufacturing process and making installation easy. For those living in temperate climates that rarely see harsh weather, this option is likely the way to go. It is cost-effective and will provide protection for your valuable investment at a very affordable price point!

vertical roof garage
Highly Recommended
Vertical Roof Garages (Best)

If you live in an area that receives heavy rain, strong winds, and substantial snowfall, you are likely looking for the strongest, most durable motorhome garage on the market. Well, look no farther than a vertical roof steel motorhome garage. By replacing horizontal roof panels with vertical ones, strength and weight-bearing capacity are both drastically improved, making this style perfect for harsh weather!

a frame horizontal garage
A-Frame Horizontal Garages (Better)

A-frame horizontal roofs add strength to regular roofs by integrating more framing and bracing, making them better suited for areas that receive more inclement weather. While A-frame horizontal roofs share similarities with regular roofs, including the distinct horizontal roof panels, their increased strength makes them a worthwhile upgrade for those who face more challenging weather.

Planning Your Metal Motorhome Garage

Motorhomes differ from regular vehicles in a number of ways, but the most obvious is their size. As such, metal motorhome garages require larger dimensions, so you have to plan ahead to ensure you have enough space on your property to build one!

Beyond the basics of size, you can plan your motorhome garage to be exactly what you want it to be thanks to the complete customization offered by Infinity Carports. You can choose from three different roof styles, change the thickness of your building’s frame and sheet metal to increase strength, implement roll-up or walk-in doors, add walls, choose your color, and more!

Do You Plan on Using Your Motorhome Garage for Other Purposes?

One of the many benefits of metal motorhome garages is the impressive versatility they offer. While they are fantastic for protecting your motorhome from the elements and other outside threats, they are equally equipped to function as a space for nearly any application you can dream up!

If you need a home office, want to build a personalized home gym, or need an area to house your state-of-the-art workshop, a metal motorhome garage is for you. In fact, the uses of these amazing buildings are limited only by your needs and imagination!

What About the Price of Your Motorhome Garage?

There is no doubt that metal motorhome garages are affordable and offer a huge bang-for-your-buck. Infinity Carports’ prides itself on providing high-quality metal buildings at price points that anyone can afford. As such, a low starting price is standard and increases as you customize your motorhome garages.

The size of your building, the type and number of entrances, the roof style, and other customizable options will influence the price. So, too, will your location. Some areas also require certifications that can increase the price.

If you are looking to save a bit of money and like to tackle projects on your own, purchasing a kit is a great alternative. Infinity Carports will send you everything you need to construct your building yourself, and you’ll save money by performing the installation!

Don’t Expose Your Investment to Nature’s Wrath! Order a Motorhome Garage!

At the end of the day, your motorhome is an expensive investment. It needs to be protected to retain its functionality and value. A metal motorhome garage is simply the best, most cost-effective way to accomplish this!

Infinity Carports is the best manufacturer of metal buildings in the United States and is happy to help you with your purchase decision. If you want more information on how to select your dream motorhome garage or are ready to order, call our experts today on (844) 324-1423!

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