Metal Boat Garages: Protect Your Boat Investment!

Boats are an expression of freedom. From speeding over untouched waters to relaxing in the sun as you wait for the fish to bite, your boat facilitates many of the moments you will recall when reflecting on happy times.

Boats also tend to be expensive investments. They can be pricey to purchase and require routine maintenance, not to mention repairs when needed. Having a safe place to store your boat away from the elements, perform routine maintenance, and do repairs is invaluable!

It is no wonder, then, that metal boat garages are gaining such popularity in the United States. They are customizable, durable, and incredibly versatile. To learn about these and other benefits of steel boat garages, read on!

Roofing Styles of Metal Boat Garages

One of the most important customization choices you can make for your steel boat garage is the roof style. There are three types of roofs available, each with its own unique properties that differentiate it from the others.

Regular Roof Garages (Good)

Regular roofs are the most budget-friendly thanks to their horizontal roof panels with curved corners that increase ease of manufacturing and installation while simultaneously reducing waste. If you live in an area that sees mild weather, this roof style is likely your best option, thanks to its impressive cost-effectiveness. If you need protection from more temperamental weather, you may want to check out the other roof styles, though.

Highly Recommended
Vertical Roof Garages (Best)

The strongest roof style offered for metal boat garages is the vertical roof. This style replaces the horizontal roof panels of the others with vertical panels that increase strength dramatically and aids in weight-bearing capacity. If you live in an area that receives harsh weather such as substantial winds or heavy snowfall, this is likely the roof style for you!

A-Frame Roof (Better)

A-frame horizontal roofs, as the name implies, share the horizontal roof panels that regular roofs feature. They offer increased strength and weather resistance, however, thanks to their additional framework and bracing. Those in areas that receive wind, heavy rain, and even some snowfall would benefit from this additional strength!

Decide on Everything for Your Boat Garage

Everyone has unique preferences and needs, and Infinity Carports meet all of them by offering a myriad of customizable options. In fact, you can tailor your boat garage to your exact specifications by handpicking nearly every element of the building.

You can choose the roof style, size, number and type of doors, windows, paneling, anchors, and everything in between. In other words, the boat garage you end up with will be the exact one you want and need!

Why Use Steel for Boat Storage?

Tradition wooden structures have been a staple in the building industry for as long as people have been constructing shelters. They have inherent weaknesses, though, that steel buildings do not share. If you’re looking for the best boat storage solution, steel is the way to go!

Steel boat garages are prefabricated, making their assembly exceptionally quick. This predesigned, prefabricated nature also makes steel boat garages more affordable than their wooden counterparts.

This ease of construction and affordability does not have a negative impact on durability, either. In fact, steel boat garages are more durable than other options on the market. They are resistant to pests and insects, such as termites. They also do not rot, mold, or crack. Steel buildings are non-combustible, making them resistant to fire and inexpensive to insure, too, making them a fantastic cost-effective option for protecting your boat investment.

Of course, steel boat garages are incredibly high strength, especially when considered in relation to their weight. Steel is by far one of the strongest, most durable construction materials on the market, all while being environmentally friendly thanks to its ability to be recycled!

Boat Garage Prices

Infinity Carports is dedicated to working with you to get you the best boat garage possible within your budget. As such, starting prices are low and rise only as you customize your building. Size, customization options, and your location can all affect price, so be sure to talk to one of our experts about your exact circumstances and needs!

Infinity Carports also offer financing options to ensure you can afford your dream boat garage today, including a rent-to-own and financing program!

Buy a High-Quality Boat Garage from Infinity Carports Today!

As the best manufacturer of metal buildings in the United States, Infinity Carports provides the highest quality boat garages at exceptional price points. Our customer service is also second-to-none. If you’re looking for more information about metal boat garages or are ready to receive a quote and purchase your dream boat garage today, feel free to call our experts today on (844) 324-1423!

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