Barndominium Metal Barns: Affordable, Low-Maintenance Option for Living Space

Are you familiar with the term “barndominium”? It’s exactly what it sounds like – a cross between a barn and a condominium. Essentially, a barndominium metal barn looks like a barn on the outside, but the inside can be designed and built so that it’s ready to be finished by the owner as residential space. Plus, a steel barndominium is a low-maintenance building option that can actually be more affordable than a traditional stick-build.


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Why Opt for a Barndominium?

Barndominiums originally became popular in Texas, but more and more people who are familiar with the positive features of steel structures are now opting to build barndominiums in other areas of the country, too. Why should you consider a steel barndominium over a traditional stick-build? Here are a few reasons to consider:

  • Steel is Stronger – Concerned about the effects of weather and storms on your new residence? Steel barndominiums are stronger than wood buildings, and they won’t rot or play host to mold or mildew. They also aren’t as susceptible to the effects of UV radiation, wind, rain, snow, or lightning.
  • More Resistant – In addition to being weather-resistant, steel is also inflammable, so it’s more resistant to fire as well. Steel isn’t negatively impacted by termites, insects, rodents, or other pests, either.
  • Less Maintenance – Metal is much easier to clean than wood, and since the colors are applied directly to the metal, you won’t have to worry about repainting either.
  • Floor Plan Freedom – Steel buildings offer clear-span interior space that doesn’t require as much in the way of internal columns or supports. In other words, you can design your interior floor plan any way you want. You have much more design freedom with a barndominium than you do with a wood-framed structure.
  • Easier to Remodel – Since the external steel framework is self-supporting, remodeling the interior is a simpler process than with a stick-build. It’s also easier to add on to an existing steel structure than it is to expand a wood-framed home.
  • Lower Insurance Costs – Because of steel’s innate durability and resistance to the elements, metal barndominium buildings are typically cheaper to insure than comparable stick-framed residences.


You’re Free to Customize Your Barndominium

You can take any popular metal barn style – including a raised center barn (Carolina barn) or a straight roof barn (Seneca barn) – and turn it into a barndominium. Do you like the “traditional barn” look of a raised center, step-down barn roof? You can have one. Or do you prefer an A-frame style (boxed eave) roof that more closely resembles the look of many houses? You can have that instead. We also offer reinforced vertical roof options that are ideal for barndominiums of larger dimensions. Another nice feature of a vertical roof is that the vertically-oriented panels channel precipitation and debris off the roof and away from your building more easily. And not only can you customize the external dimensions of your building, you can also decide how to divide the interior, and decide where you want to place any doors or windows. What about color options for the roof, sides, and trim? We’ve got 14 color options from which you can choose, so you can create a number of attractive color combinations. Ready to discuss other customization options? Just give us a call at Infinity Carports, every building we create is made to order!

Barndominium Steel Barns Are Versatile

Many people who choose to invest in a barndominium steel barn reserve all of the interior space for residential living, but you certainly aren’t tied to that. Since these steel structures are so versatile, you can use your barndominium in a number of ways, including the following:

  • Use your barndominium as primary residential space, as separate apartment space on your property, or as a cozy vacation cabin
  • Since a barndominium is a combination building of sorts, you can also divide it up to serve multiple purposes
  • Section off part of your space for residential, and part for more traditional barn usage
  • Create a combination of home and office space
  • Combine living space with space for your business or commercial enterprise
  • Section off some garage or carport space for vehicles
  • Set aside some designated storage space, or space for a workshop or hobbies

Sizes, Kits, and Prices for Barndominiums

We offer competitive prices on all of our metal structures, but the specific price of your barndominium metal barn will really depend on things like what size dimensions you choose, the gauges of steel you select for the framing and paneling, your chosen roof style (A-frame or vertical), and other factors. And as far as size goes … you decide what dimensions are best for you! We can build your barndominium with a center section up to 40’ wide, and can also add step-down side sections up to 12’ wide each. You can customize the length and height of your barndominium, as well. We deliver and install within our service area, but if you want to save a little money by putting up your barndominium yourself we can also custom engineer and build barndominium kits to order. Just reach out to us about what you want, and we can discuss all your options!

Experience the Benefits of Having Your Own Barndominium – Let’s Get Started!

Our name is Infinity Carports, but we do much more than just metal carports. We also offer garages, barns, workshops, barndominiums, and other custom-made steel buildings. Here are some reasons you should choose Infinity Carports for your personalized steel structure:

  • We’re a top-quality metal building manufacturer which serves Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana
  • We’ve been in the steel building industry for nearly 20 years
  • We utilize the latest technologies in metal building manufacturing, and use quality steel for all of our building components
  • 14 different color options
  • A range of ways for you to customize your building
  • We deliver and install across our service area
  • We offer quicker lead times, and exceptional customer service

If you’re ready to get started on your barndominium with Infinity, just reach out to us at (903) 765-2057, or email us at

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